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How do I play the Game?


In order to play you can download the below file. You can only play this on a Windows Computer.


Once downloaded go to the BrightShadowS folder that will be inside of the 7zip file. If you don't have 7zip you can open the file by downloading it here

Once inside the bright shadow folder open the patcher/launcher file: BrightShadowS.exe

Once that is finished the game will patch. While the patcher is patching make an account using the form that shows up in the big box. Read the terms then at the very bottom is the account creation form.



After patched you can start the game with "launch" button. Log in with the information you just made and you will appear at the create a character screen. Further questions please refer to the BSS Discord or contact a GM. If you have a copy of this in another language please contact GM RisaChan to have it added to this page.

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