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I donated via PayPal/BitCoin but never got anything... Why?


Donations via BitCoin are processed automatically. If you did not get anything after donating please ensure the transaction went through by verifying the transaction is verified on multiple trackbacks. If you still do not get any codes please note that Game Masters CANNOT assist with BitCoin donations. Please reach out to Shana on the BSS Discord Server.


If you donated via PayPal these donations are processed manually by IGA Financial Services Staff Members. IGA is a small charity that helps us give tech support to players, processes donations and at one point helped host BSS. IGA still helps with our website. If you do not hear from IGA within 24 hours of donating please email finance (at) Someone should respond within 24 hours. If you do not hear from anyone reach out to GM RisaChan on the BSS Discord or call 1 (855) 984-1866 within the United States. Last but not least you can also go to the IGA Discord and talk to a staff member by clicking here.

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