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How do I file a great ticket?


In order for us to help you, we need specific information that will help us do our job and help relieve some stress for you. We understand that this situation may be stressful, but rest assured, we are ready to help. That is why we strive to respond to all support requests as quickly and completely as possible; usually within a few hours. Here are a couple of ways to ensure that you get the quickest, most complete responses.

Step 1: Use the resources at your fingertips. We have a knowledge base on our support center that can help you, you can also use the Minecraft/Unturned Wiki or other people in the community.

Step 2: Could not find an answer? Ask support. We are here to help. We ask that you contact us via support ticket. If your issue is critical (like if the server is offline), you may contact us via other methods. When filing a ticket, it is important we have all the information we need to complete your request in a timely fashion. So, be sure to:

  • Provide your name and identify your username on the server.
  • Provide specific details; like donation IDs, description of what is happening (screenshots help), cords, etc. For example, if you have a question about a Griefer, don’t refer to them as ‘someone’, rather give us their names.
  • Limit each request to one specific subject rather than asking numerous unrelated questions.
  • Be sure to explain what you are trying to accomplish.
  • Explain the steps you took to reach the desired outcome.
  • What did you expect would happen after you took those steps?
  • What actually happened?
  • Did you receive an error message? If so, copy and paste the error message into your support request.

If your support request is written following the guidelines provided above, then chances are, we will be able to respond with little time spent researching within your account. That means you will get an answer quickly. You will be happy, and that makes us happy. Thanks for helping us make your support experience the best it can be!

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