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What does the IGA do?


We are often asked what the IGA provides to the public and why it is a charity. People often assume the IGA is just an online gaming group or "clan/guild". This is incorrect. The IGA is an organization created to help foster cooperation within gaming, allow gamers to live life better and help people get the support they need so they can better enjoy life and game more. The services we provide are broad and include many layers of service from serving online gaming groups, individual gamers, helping games to be developed and helping people in other ways. Below is a list of the services we currently offer:

- Technical Support to any member or organization
- Development Assistance to games or organizations that align with our mission
- Provide free space for gamers and groups to interact with one another on common ground
- Provide free space for gamers to play safely and freely
- Free website and server hosting for like-minded organizations
- Conflict resolution assistance for gaming organizations to ensure they can game together peacefully
- Limited computer repair services for members at a discounted rate
- Access to community space for events and to allow people to come together as a community to game and have fun
- Access to non-judgmental space to decompress and enjoy others
- Provide natural support to members of the public to allow them to better engage with each other and thus have more fun in their life
- Information and referral services
- Community organizing services to help bring together gamers for a common goal

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