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How to Install Halo CE


Thanks to our staff, we have a copy of Halo CE for you to setup and play for free! The installation process is as simple as a few clicks and typing in a cd-key! 




1: Download and unzip the Halo Setup Files.

2: Run the file named halocesetup_en_1.00.exe

3: Read the EULA and accept the terms for service.

4: Click Install

5: Type out the cd-key EXACTLY as we have provided.

6: Click Next, You'll then be on a screen like this.

7: From there, un-check "Install Gamespy Arcade" (because gamespy is dead) and leave everything else to default.


8: Run the file named haloce-patch-1.0.10.exe

9: Launch the game. Feel free to get on our server (IP is in the zip as well)!


As a legal note we provide a copy of this game for members who own a copy of Halo combat evolved PC. It is not our intention to violate copyright or to provide the public with unlicensed copies of this game. If you do not own a copy of this game, the license does not authorize you to install this and you do so at your own risk. If you choose to install this, you are stating that you own a copy of Halo PC.  For questions regarding this matter, please see the game's end user license agreement.

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