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What services does the IGA provide to groups that want to take part in its mission?


The IGA is a charity built on the mission of helping others to game, teaching them about games and bettering their own well-being through gaming. For groups that want to take part in this the IGA offers the following services.


- Free TeamSpeak Server

- Free Website Hosting (Need to have your own domain; talk to our member services team to order a domain from us)

- Advertising through the IGA to get members and exposure

- Dispute Resolution Assistance

- Group Management Assistance and Consulting Regarding Technology Issues

- Financial help with certain expenses (when funds are available) 

- A fun group of people to play with and enjoy time with


If you are interested in "joining" the IGA please feel free to file a ticket to our member services team and management will be in contact with you. You need to include your groups name, the game it plays, why you support IGA's mission, how we can be of assistance and future plans for your group. If you have legal or other administrative questions please feel free to include them in your ticket and a member of the management team will venture to answer your questions. We do ask that all groups who want to take part in our mission agree to a Code of Ethics/Conduct (our House Rules) and that their leader/officers remain in contact with the IGA Management Team.

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