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Donation Tiers and Policy


Below is a list of information on donation tiers and the support levels that come with them. Please note that in-game support is mostly provided by volunteers and NOT IGA staff or employees; as a result the level of support being provided may not be as indicated in this document. Support is offered from 11 AM to 11 PM on weekdays and noon to midnight on most weekends based on volunteer availability. If you require assistance regarding a billing or sensitive customer service matter please contact us via ticket or call our office to speak with a staff member. You may donate via PayPal (automated), BitCoin, Bank Transfer or Money Order by Mail; the final two options must be directed to customer service for additional information on how to complete these transactions. Processing time for these types of payment may exceed 1 (one) week. For BitCoin we require notice and your bitcoin address plus 3 verifications.

Donation Tiers and Rewards
$5 - Donor Access
$20 - VIP Access and Priority Support (Automatically awarded to anyone who donates this amount by billing within 48 hours)

$25 – Username placed on MMC website (Upon Request)
$50 – Sponsor Access (Automatically awarded to anyone who donates this amount by billing within 48 hours)
$75 – All of the above and Access to Special Staff/Donator Group on Discord (Upon Request)
$100 – Direct Contact Information of IGA Management Team to bring concerns directly to developers and decision makers
$125 – All of the above plus a building being named after you in spawn.
$150 + – A private group with your own color and permissions access (No Moderation, Administration or OP related commands)

The commands related to each tier are listed in the /help command. Priority Support means any support requests you submit will be dealt with first before any normal user’s request. Access to Staff  and Management Information is subject to you agreeing not to use the information for malicious purposes and understanding that we will only respond to reasonable requests; asking us to OP in items or buildings in for you is NOT a legitimate request and will NOT be entertained. All items from each tier are granted to you once you pass that specific tier; additional questions should be directed to Member Services. Please note that all support requests must be reasonable and within the terms of our SLA. Please also note that support wait times may very; we estimate responses to be within 3 – 5 hours however it may take as long as 24 to 48 hours for your request to be processed. We are NOT responsible for requests that you ignore or do not check for a response; requests for support are automatically closed after a period of inactivity. 


The above information applies to Madness Minecraft donations only. For Bright Shadow S please note that BSS Cash is issued for each donation and allows you to buy items in the game or more character slots. For questions regarding this please contact the Bright Shadow Support Team.

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