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My client wont run

Please ensure you download the Full Client at Once you have downloaded that client please install it and write down the path and then make the following Windows Configuration changes; Data Execution Protection sometimes causes certain games to not run properly becuase it causes the games executables to not run. To prevent this we are having you disable DEP for this EXE. 
1. Go to start then right click "Computer" then click "Properties".
2. Click "Advanced Systems Properties" > "Advanced" then under "Performance" click "Settings".
3. Click "Data Execution Prevention".
4. Ensure that "Turn on DEP for all programs except those I select" is selected and then click "Add".
5. Navigate to your HRO installation and find HeavenRO.exe.
6. Click OK and exit the other menus.
Once you complete this please run the HRO Patcher. 
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