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Ticket Statuses


Ticket Statuses
Last Updated: Jul 14, 2015 

 *** We are currently unable to use these at this time. A staff member will let you know the status of your ticket though if you talk to us on chat or call us. ***

Below is a list of possible status types that a ticket is marked as by staff.

Escalated – This has been marked for management or a higher level technician. Often the department has also been changed.
Open – This ticket is waiting on a technician to reply.
Answered – This has been replied to and is considered resolved.
Waiting on Customer – This has been replied to however we need information from the customer to resolve the issue.
Customer-Reply - A customer has replied to the ticket. It is awaiting a technician’s response.
On Hold – Is awaiting internal review or waiting on some action to occur.
In Progress – Is currently being worked on or is being replied to.
Waiting on TPD – Waiting on a third party developer to assist with a software or hardware issue. This is not covered under guaranteed ticket response time due to the nature of third party providers support agreements.
Waiting on NOC – Waiting on data centers network operations center to review this matter or assist with on-site hands.
Closed – The issue has been resolved to the customer’s satisfaction and is not viewable by technicians. Tickets are automatically closed if they are not replied to by a customer after a certain timeframe as the issue is considered resolved.
Spam – A spam ticket submitted that is blatantly spam.

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