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Please click here to view the IGA House rules which are in addition to the Unturned Specific rules and apply to ALL games


f you are reading this then you've taken the first step to being a better player on our Unturned server. No joke, most of Unturneds community in general think that they already know the rules/aren't any rules. This isn't the case with International Gaming Association/IGA. We pride ourselves on high standards, but not to high that we think we are better. Were not better or know the mechanics better. We merely care about allowing our community to get a better/more enjoyable experience.

Here are the rules:

1. No KOS at day. We can't stop it, but it be nice to see that players are more friendly during day cycles. At night this rule is void, KOS all you like at night.

2. No breaking into player made structures. Put yourself in that players shoes. This example should create a picture for you bandits. If it doesn't or you totally skipped this question then that is your downfall.

< Example:

Player:Alright, done making my base.
Bandit: Who cares?
Player: I care. Took me a long time to build this.
(Player logs off)
Bandit: Okay guys. Lets see what he has in that base!
Example Ends >

More rules are being made/thought of!

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