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Welcome to the support center! This site is designed to help you find information you need and contact our support team as needed when you require assistance from us. We have included some easy means of contacting a staff member if you need assistance. Please use the live chat button on the lower right to obtain support or select from one of the lower options. You can also file a ticket if no staff are online. You can do this directly by clicking "Submit a Ticket" below this message and someone will assist you within 24 hours. Live support over the phone and live chat is based on staff working hours which are generally 12 PM to 12 AM Pacific Time (-8 GMT/DST: -7 GMT).

Discord: click here
Phone: 1 (855) 984-1866
Financial Issues/Donations: finance (at) imagogame.com
Member Services/Technical Support: membership (at) imagogame.com
Tech Outages/Abuse/Emergencies: notify (at) imagogame.com
Bright Shadow S Game Masters: gm (at) brightshadowsonline.com

Now Accepting New TeamSpeak and Minecraft Server Applications!

We are once again accepting applications for TeamSpeak Servers. We have also began offering Minecraft hosting. If you would like to apply for one of these please note that this service is offered entirely for free to groups that support gaming in some way and encourage community growth. Your group most have 10 members or more and be willing to agree to our House Rules and Customer Agreement. If you are agreeable to this please submit an application here for TeamSpeak or for Minecraft submit an application here. A member of our Membership Services Team will review your application and respond within 48 hours.

Chat and Phone Support - Jan 2 2019

Due to lack of use and staff chat and phone support are discontinued. Phone calls will still be returned for urgent issues.


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